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Amiloride News

Treating heart failure

Perhaps the most important medicine for various types of heart failure is the class of drugs known as diuretics, which are otherwise known as water pills.

Diuretics Can Help Control Blood Pressure

Study finds they aid patients who don't respond to standard medications

Low-cost alternative drugs help reduce high blood pressure

A recent study has shown that two inexpensive but widely overlooked diuretic drugs, amiloride and spironolactone, may help alleviate symptoms of high blood pressure in patients who have failed to respond to standard medications.

Low-cost Alternative Drugs Can Help Patients With Problems Controlling Blood Pressure

Two inexpensive but widely overlooked drugs may helpmany patients who continue to have high blood pressure despite takingstandard blood pressure medications, according to research by IndianaUniversity School of Medicine...

Diuretic May Help Increase Brain Blood Flow In Cocaine Addicts

A study in the August issue of Drug and Alcohol Dependence, appearing in print on 20 August 2003, reports that a diuretic commonly used to treat hypertension and congestive heart failure may improve brain blood flow in cocaine...

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