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Wednesday 01 December 2004

Effects of Pb2+ ions on Na+ transport in the isolated skin of the toad Pleurodema thaul.

By: Suwalsky M, Schneider C, Norris B, Cardenas H.

Biometals 2004 Dec;17(6):655-68

The effects induced by lead ions on the short-circuit current (SCC) and on the potential difference (V) of the toad Pleurodema thaul skin were investigated. Pb2+ applied to the outer (mucosal) surface increased SCC and V and when applied to the inner (serosal) surface decreased both parameters. The stimulatory effect, but not the inhibitory action, was reversible after washout of the metal ion. The amiloride test showed that the increase was due principally to stimulation of the driving potential for Na+ (V-E(Na+)) and that inhibition was accompanied by a reduction in the V-E(Na+) and also by a significant decrease in skin resistance indicating possible disruption of membrane and/or cell integrity. The effect of noradrenaline was increased by outer and decreased by inner administration of Pb2+. The results suggest that mucosal Pb2+ activates toad skin ion transport by stimulating the V-E(Na+) and that serosal Pb2+, with easier access to membrane and cellular constituents, inactivates this mechanism, revealing greater toxicity when applied to the inner surface of the skin.

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