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Tuesday 01 April 2003

Identification and characterization of the imidazoline I2b-binding sites in the hamster brown adipose tissue as a study model for imidazoline receptors.

By: Romer L, Wurster S, Savola JM, Raasmaja A.

Arch Physiol Biochem 2003 Apr;111(2):159-66

The imidazoline-type compound, MPV-1743, has been found to activate nonshivering thermogenesis (NST) in brown adipose tissue (BAT) of the genetically obese Zucker rats. The regulation of NST in BAT is linked to the catecholamine metabolism, and the imidazoline I2-binding sites have been found on the monoamine oxidase, a catecholamine metabolising enzyme. In this study, the I2-binding sites of hamster BAT have been characterised using a receptor binding assay with 3H-idazoxan as a radioligand, and the interaction of MPV-1743 with these I2-binding sites has been studied using the enantiomers of MPV 1743, that is, MPV 2088 and MPV 2089. Cirazoline was used to determine the specific binding of 3H-idazoxan to the imidazoline I2-binding sites. Rauwolscine was added in the 3H-idazoxan binding assay in order to inhibit any binding to potential alpha2-adrenergic sites. In the presence of rauwolscine mask 3H-Idazoxan labelled a population of non-adrenergic binding sites expressing the properties of the imidazoline I2b-receptor subtype similar to that found in the rat liver (cirazoline >> guanabenz = amiloride >> clonidine). The binding of 3H-idazoxan to the I2b-binding sites could be displaced by the imidazole compounds with the following affinities: detomidine (KiHigh 9.2 nM; KiLow 3200 nM), MPV-2088 (KiHigh 19 nM; IKiLow 760 nM) and MPV-2089 (KiHigh 190 nM; KiLow 1300 nM), atipamezole (3500 nM) and dexmedetomidine (Ki 8400 nM). These results have shown that the hamster BAT contains the imidazoline I2b-binding sites with heterogeneous binding properties for some test compounds. In addition, the enantiomers of MPV 1743, that is, MPV 2088 and MPV 2089, had high affinity to these BAT imidazoline I2b-binding sites. Therefore, it is suggested that the regulation of NST in the hamster BAT may be an attractive model to study the role of imidazoline I2b-binding sites.

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