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Tuesday 01 March 2005

Dengue virus M protein C-terminal peptide (DVM-C) forms ion channels.

By: Premkumar A, Horan CR, Gage PW.

J Membr Biol 2005 Mar;204(1):33-8

A chemically synthesized peptide consisting of the C-terminus of the M protein of the Dengue virus type 1 strain Singapore S275/90 (DVM-C) produced ion channel activity in artificial lipid bilayers. The channels had a variable conductance and were more permeable to sodium and potassium ions than to chloride ions and more permeable to chloride ions than to calcium ions. Hexamethylene amiloride (100 microM) and amantadine (10 microM), blocked channels formed by DVM-C. Ion channels may play an important role in the life cycle of many viruses and drugs that block these channels may prove to be useful antiviral agents.

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